Are You Ready To Go All In On Your Future?

You hire professionals to take care of your home, car, hair, nails, and even your lawn.

Maybe it's time to invest in your...

  • happiness,
  • sense of calm and well-being,
  • companionability,
  • life goals,
  • and big audacious dreams,
  • and learn to¬†habitualize higher thoughts that create better experiences and outcomes.

Your Way Of Thinking Creates Your Outcomes

Studies show that 80% of adults feel like they are falling short. A staggering majority of the population feels the same way, yet most people don't have a good mentor to guide thoughts that become a way of feeling and being.

A professional mentor provides guidance and tools that lead to goal growth, lasting companionship, success, joy, and fulfillment.

Think better, do better!


The World Is Waiting For What You Alone Have To Offer, Yet You First Must Get From Here To There!


You can make a choice, today, to¬†enlist the guidance¬†of an experienced Growth Coach‚ÄĒotherwise known as a Professional Mentor.



Penelope Jean Hayes is a Professional Mentor who will guide you to success with your goals, big dreams, inner stability and joy, and greater fulfillment. 

With this program, you will‚ÄĒ

  1. Get A Weekly Personal Session By Phone 

  2. Learn About Energy Dynamics In Social Interaction

  3. Learn And Practice Viralenology Modalities Of Personal Betterment

  4. Become Clear And Replace Low Pathways Of Thinking

  5. Align Your Action Steps With Your Vision 

  6. Have Unlimited Opportunity To Ask Follow-Up Questions Between Growth Coaching Sessions

  7. Receive Homework Assignments Customized To Your Needs 

  8. Get Extra Helpful Materials And Messages Of Encouragement Periodically Added To Your Client Portal, Specific To Your Journey

Here's What You Can Expect


Share your personal goals. Assess where you are and where you want to be.


Get actionable advice, tips, takeaways, and homework to begin moving in the direction of your goals and big dreams.



Learn about contagious energy and how it affects your life. Identify blocks to your happiness, success, relationships, and even earning potential.


Coach through your current thoughts and how to interrupt thoughts of fear and doubt and replace them with thoughts that create lighter and desired outcomes. 


Vector to your goals and dreams. Set action steps that lead to your desired outcomes. With goals in sight, create a road map to the life you’ve always dreamed of.


Q&A with your Coach/Mentor and set up a plan for your continued personal growth and success in all areas of your life.




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Through my coaching, writing, and speaking, I've guided tens of thousands of people to deeper fulfillment.

My passion is to empower and "tool-up" people who feel lost, lonely, or unfulfilled‚ÄĒlike I once was, before I figured out the key to turning all that around.

For me, it took hitting rock bottom one New Year's Eve of my singlehood youth, when I was crying in turmoil on my bathroom floor, holding the side of the tub and eyeing it for what it could be used for.

Instead, that night I made a different choice and then wrote in my journal, "I'm going to drill through the rock of this tomb and then share how I did it."

A few months later, I changed everything in my life: I quit my job and moved to Nashville where I immediately began meditating daily in a nearby forest.

The meditation worked on me like a medicine. Not only did I begin to feel much happier; but I also intuited a system of creative energy while sitting still and surrounded by the forest and its animals. I had always been a journaler and a writer, so, I wrote while in the forest. Over time, those notes became the bestselling book, The Magic of Viral Energy.

Soon, I was running a business around my trademarked "viralenology" method and appearing regularly on network television. Then, I met and married my husband, Burton.

Today, we live in South Florida. Burt is a homebuilder and I've expanded my business from working one-on-one with clients to also serving many more people through the addition of online workshops, remote mentorship, guided meditation tracks, personal growth and betterment coaching, speaking engagements, and a number of published books.

I am truly living in creativity and fulfillment. Of course, I still experience emotional pain, loss, and stress‚ÄĒyet, I have a baseline of "rooted happiness" and I know how to elevate my frequency so that I can realign with all that I love to do, be, and have.

I want the same for you. And, I know that when people elevate their consciousness and their frequency, they simply no longer have a reward response with low thoughts and behaviors. All of those reasons are my "why" and mission.

Society may put us in boxes, but that doesn't mean you have to stay there. So, break free and start living your fulfilling life with unapologetic confidence.

Please know this: What you want‚ÄĒthat dream, goal, or relationship‚ÄĒhas a frequency. It is only a matter of being in the flow with that frequency and then actively choosing it.

As your cheerleader and mentor, let me show you how to get there.





You will immediately put the advice, tips, and tools you have learned into practice. 

Following each session, you’ll get a homework assignment prompt. These are light and fun to-dos or exercises that will help your thoughts become clear and your actions flow from intention. Then, when you come to your next session, you’ll be ready to share what came up for you and where to go and grow, next.


It’s Time To Support Your Goals And Dreams Like Never Before


What Are You Waiting For?

"Every day, I use the advice, tools, and system I learned with Penelope. They help me stay on goal. I feel actual joy for the first time in my life because I'm feeling purposeful."

Kate Williams

"I enjoy the assignments and homework included in Penelope's coaching. Being able to put what I learned into practice right away is powerful. I've had personal life coaching in the past and I've never gotten better advice and help than Penelope delivers."

Dan Henin



Do you desire¬†any of the following?‚ÄĒ

  • good advice without competition or an "angle,"
  • someone to check in with you and ask how you're doing,
  • someone to help you sort out your thoughts and anxieties
  • to get clear about your goals and what you really want,
  • guidance to set and stay on track with the goals you set for yourself,
  • someone to listen and give feedback without judgment or criticism,
  • fun to-dos and assignments to discover more about yourself and what you want,
  • and clear, straightforward mentorship through challenges, opportunities, and decisions.

If so, then professional mentorship is definitely for you!

Penelope Jean Hayes will help you define and organize your goals into bite-sized steps. Her coaching methods are based on her viralenology work, and her style of mentorship is warm (like a good friend), and also straightforward and actionable. 


She Has Worked Or Appeared With...

You Have Found A Friend Who Will Guide You To Your Full Potential

With one-on-one guidance from Penelope Jean Hayes, your personal mentor, you've found a confidante and guide to dig deep and nurture successful thinking and outcomes (including your big hopes and dreams!).


Instantly Get The Satisfaction Of Knowing That You're Moving In The Right Direction



Most Popular!

  • 4¬†Growth¬†Coaching¬†Sessions¬†(1 hour per session):¬†A personal mentorship phone session¬†each week!
  • Your very own personal Growth Coach to guide your decisions
  • Access to your private platform portal to find all your customized advice, tips, tools, and fun homework assignments


  • 2 Thought Re-Training Sessions (30 minutes by phone) to transform thoughts of fear and doubt into thoughts that create positive outcomes
  • Ask follow-up questions anytime, even between sessions



The "Light" Version!

  • 4¬†Growth¬†Coaching¬†Sessions¬†(1 hour per session):¬†A personal mentorship phone session¬†each week!
  • Your very own personal Growth Coach to guide your decisions
  • Access to your private platform portal to find all your customized advice, tips, tools, and fun homework assignments


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