$58.00 USD

Have guests coming to visit? Need the perfect gift? Going to the beach? Go ahead and add ONE MORE for only $39, a great discount from the regular price.

The Complete Kit For Personal Betterment

Get the complete kit to begin your journey to a better, well...EVERYTHING!

What you'll get:

  • The Essential Motivational Meditation, a guided audio track for daily use
  • One Handwoven Turkish 100% Cotton Meditation Towel (will be mailed separately)
  • A download of the book The Magic of Viral Energy, plus extra learning accompaniments!

ON THIS PAGE, be sure to include your mailing address, this is where you would like your towel mailed. Enjoy!


Verified Customer Review:

This really is a great kit. The towel alone is worth the price and I'm using it for meditation every day with the guided track and reading material. The book is full of fun stories and useful examples. I ordered the paperback copy on Amazon for my girlfriend.