One Towel (1): $47 US

Have guests coming to visit? Need the perfect gift? Going to the beach? Go ahead and add ONE MORE for only $39, a great discount from the regular price.

Handwoven 100% Cotton Beach and Meditation Towel

Delicately woven on traditional looms in the countryside of Turkey, our gorgeous, flat-weave Turkish textiles are ultra-soft and lightweight.

Pop this towel in your bag or backpack and enjoy it as a beach towel, a meditation mat, or for a picnic for two.

Color patterns vary as these handcrafted towels are spun on a loom and each one is UNIQUE and a PIECE OF ART. Therefore, we will select from pieces we have in stock at The Viral Energy Institute. WE RECOMMEND a SET of 4 or 8 for color and pattern variety as no two towels are the same.

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Verified Customer Feedback:

I absolutely LOVE my new handmade Turkish towel. It brings me joy to use it for my beach meditation. It's so special and makes me feel special too.

Liz from Vancouver