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"You will read in my book how daily meditation changed my life for the better. Get started now on your own journey and add this guided meditation track (led by yours truly!); it's a wonderful tool."

—Penelope Jean Hayes, bestselling author and meditation guide

The Magic of Viral Energy — Book Download With Learning Accompaniments

"Want To Know How I Went From Rock Bottom To The Life Of My Dreams In Just 4 Short Years...?"

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The key to your success and happiness is here! —Penelope

While meditating in 2007, Penelope Jean Hayes experienced a phenomenon of energy as contagious. Over the next decade, she discovered a system involving seven levels of energy and the key to success and happiness, all told in The Magic of Viral Energy.


Get the roadmap to a better everything!

Penelope shares that each of us has an energetic-presence that flows within one of these levels and that we only have access to the energies that reside there... Except that, we have the ability to move to higher strata, accessing the light energies that create more of what we truly want!

What you'll get:

  • Learn the tools to get "in the flow" of your BIG dreams and goals
  • Discover the missing key to the Law of Attraction principle
  • Find out how to sync your energy and be aligned with what you want
  • Understand how your energy is affecting your happiness and likability
  • Get word-for-word lines to use on Energy Suckers and Underminers

Plus, be inspired by many, many true stories!


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 The key to your success and happiness is here!