Friday, January 12 - Monday, January 15: The 3-Night Naples Florida Zen Retreat For Up To 6 People

Zenful and relaxing personal betterment retreat in Naples, Florida.

What you'll get:

  • 3 nights’ accommodations at a private estate for up to 6 people (3 bedrooms). Arrive on Friday (as early as 11 am check-in), and depart on Monday (as late as 11 am check out).
  • Daily Guided Meditation (Outdoors, Mornings).
  • Group Visualization Sessions.
  • Individual Personal Development Sessions.
  • Endless Open Use Of The Tennis/Pickleball Court and Basketball Hoop; Equipment Included.
  • Use Of Private Pool and Grounds.
  • Afternoons and Evenings Free To Go To The Beach, Shopping, Lunch/Dinner/Dancing, Naples Botanical Gardens, Nature Trails, and Other Exploring.




Friday/Day One

  • Your host, Penelope Jean Hayes, will welcome you and speak about viral energy, introducing how your own energy is your personal power and the fuel with which you create your life.
  • After a tour and getting settled, there will be a short guided meditation (focus on The 7 Chakras/Energy Centers).
  • Next, you will have quiet time to complete a Viral Energy Self-Assessment. This is all about you and a deep look at YOUR GOALS FOR YOUR RETREAT EXPERIENCE and YOUR LIFE. You will assess your life circumstances and what you surround yourself with, what you take in and give off, and what you have access to—a.k.a. what you’re creating your life experiences with.

Saturday/Day Two

  • After a morning guided group meditation (focused on the 7 Frequencies/Strata Of Energy), Penelope will spend time with each participant individually (30-minute time slots beginning immediately after meditation). This consultation is to discuss each person's self-assessment and GOALS, plus the energetic influences in their home or workplace.

Through one or more exercises given, each person will experience that "your energy stratum" isn't your current mood; it’s set over time due to chronic “marinating” in heavy or light energy.

Penelope will share recommendations on how to turn around heavy energy experiences and dynamics. Individual activities or homework may be given that could include:

• Write out your “Agreement With Life”

• Create 8 Areas to Accelerate Abundance

• Practice 7 Tips for Affirmations that work

• Utilize the Natural Elements: Earth, Wind, Fire, Water

• Take Back Your Power; Say Outloud These Words That Can’t Be Argued With

• Prepare In Advance For An Upcoming High-Value Event Energy (HVEE)

You will gain tools to make changes in thoughts and what you let in and give off, plus physical environments in need of a reboot. 


Sunday/Day Three

After a morning guided group meditation (focus on "VIRAL ENERGY" and work on RASING FREQUENCY), the group will go on a local outing, a “light energy field trip” to demonstrate all that you’ve learned. A few examples of light energy activities are nature immersion at the beach, forest, or on a hike— an energy-lightening experience.


Monday: Group Departs Grounds by 11 am


  • Your travel/airfare is not included. In-town transportation is not included outside of the one local "field trip" outing as described as part of the retreat. Uber and Lyft services are excellent locally. Your accommodations are included plus retreat activities.
  • No meals are included, however, the kitchen is stocked with the basics (coffee, cream, sugar, eggs, bread, muffins, and bananas.) Grocery stores are nearby and Naples boasts countless excellent restaurants.
  • Our Naples, Florida, estate has three bedrooms. The primary bedroom offers a king-size bed. Bedrooms #2 and #3 each are equipped with a queen-size bed. We suggest the home sleeps 3 couples or 3 to 4 singles/friends comfortably, yet is available for up to 6 guests of any arrangement if sharing two people per room. The home features two full bathrooms, both accessible from the common areas (no ensuite), and therefore are very shareable among family, friends, or couples.


For extras like professional pickleball lessons, just return to the RETREAT page of our website and find these extras at the page bottom, or email us to inquire. Please book extras a minimum of two weeks prior to your retreat start date.

What People Are Saying:

The very best retreat we've ever been on! Extraordinary location and close to everything in Naples.

Debra and Amanda

$8,400.00 USD