$8.00 USD

Grab a PDF copy of the book The Magic Of Viral Energy. It holds the wisdom of our viralenology philosophy.

Weekday Motivational Meditation

Meditation is a practice, a tool, a lifestyle, a therapy, and a way of being. It can benefit you by bringing peace and calm, inspiring you with creative thoughts, boosting your energy, and motivating you to your greatest potential. This class is a Motivational Meditation excellent for everyday use. While some meditations are designed for tranquility, or even to help you sleep; this meditation is designed to empower and enlighten your day and give you a boost of good energy.

What you'll get:

  • 2 Tracks: A Meditation Starter Track to Rev Up Your Energy Centers + The Weekday Motivational Meditation Track
  • This meditation will remind you that you are worthy of a great day and that your natural state is to be happy and inspired about life.

  • You will learn that you leave behind the energy that you've used (burnt up through breathing) and that that energy is "read" by others and therefore affects how people respond to you throughout the day. So, be mindful of the quality of what you're taking in and giving off. It matters!

Start your work mornings with light and positive energy and benefit all day!

What People Are Saying:

I'm beginning to understand why some people start their day with meditation. It really is transformational, and this track gives me a boost and a pep in my step!

Mike T.